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What can oil rig workers do about child custody cases?

Life on an oil rig means that you leave your loved ones behind for extended periods. During this time, you work long hours so that you can earn money to support them. When you come home from the rig, there is probably nothing that you look forward to more than seeing your loved ones.

Unfortunately, not all women are made to be the wife of an oil rig worker. Some women just can't handle it and walk away. This means that the man might come home from the rig to an empty house. This is a huge problem, especially if he has children.

Can oil rig workers fight for custody of their children?

Just like military members, oil rig workers can fight for custody of their children. If you and your ex can get along amicably to some extent, you might be able to co-parent so that you have your child when you are home and your ex has your child when you are on the rig. Alternatively, you might have to make plans for someone else to take care of your child while you are on the rig if the child's mother is unfit or unwilling to care for the child.

How can I keep in contact with my children when I'm on the rig?

Many oil rigs these days have Internet access, which means you can use virtual visitation to spend time with your child. You might be able to use video messages to keep in contact with your child. Even though your child will have to remain close to the computer or cellphone, you can still enjoy some activities together. You might help an older child do an experiment or read a younger child a book. You might be able to watch the dance recital video or the game tape to show your child that you are interested in his or her life.

What considerations are present for virtual visitations?

Virtual visits should be treated like any other visit with your child. You should have unrestricted conversations, which means that your ex shouldn't stick her nose into the conversation. The time of these visits should be based primarily on your child's schedule as you can't expect a child to wake up at 2:00 in the morning to have a visit. Of course, your shift for work will also play a part in when you can visit. You and you ex will have to work together to determine when and how you and your child can communicate.

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