By Tom:

All I can say to all the Staff is a Huge Congratulation for Job well done. Very professional, organized and well run. Congratulations Julie to you. Please also pass on job well done to all staff.

Congratulations to all the committee heads and Board members that put so much time in to help.

Thank you again Board Members for your excitement and service going forward and Congratulations to all our new folks.

Thanks Bill for all you have done. You did a fabulous job for COAST. Your honesty and integrity were greatly appreciated. Please do not disappear on us. I would like to ask you to birddog our capital outlay projects at Ramos St. and Theard St. please.

Everyone please have a very happy and safe Memorial Day.

By Cynthia M. Bordonaro:

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Thank you very much for coming out on Saturday, June 4th to volunteer at our Mandeville Wills for Heroes event. We cannot thank you enough for taking time, especially on a weekend, to help us, and of course, the 23 first responders and/or their spouses who benefited from your services. Attached are some of the pictures that were taken. (There are a few more pictures from my other camera which I will send soon.) Some of you have already expressed an interest in volunteering again. We intend to schedule two more wills for heroes events in August and September. As soon as we confirm the specific dates, we will let you know. Once again, thank you all so much for your tremendous support in making these events a success.

Have a great day!

Cynthia M. Bordonaro
Attorney at Law
Pro Bono Coordinator

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services
Northshore Pro Bono Project

By Robert Lee W.:

Suellen, I am writing to thank you for your good work on my behalf, as all has been completed in accordance with the mediation agreement. Of course, to some extent, I also did enjoy the sparring, legal or otherwise. I feel that I won, and that you and I were in control, and that Pam was left in a fair position. I would have liked a larger settlement check, but it is just good to be done with it all. We did go to closing on Myrtle on April 5th, and I did receive my check and my great grandmother's ring at that time. Obviously Pam struggled with the business on her end, I had to grant numerous extensions, but at least we did not have to go through the agony that would have been putting the property on the real estate market. And I was able to complete my payments to your firm before the end of that same month. I appreciate everyone at your firm and you all working with me especially since I had out of pocket medical expenses throughout the process. In any case, all is good including my health, fishing and travel with the redhead, and I am throwing a pretty good party for my Mom's 90th birthday next month. I even had my photo in a Louisiana Sportsman magazine article as a successful angler! Hope all is well with you and your family. Again, thanks for being my wise counselor. I just hope I don't have to come knocking on your office door anytime soon!

By Carla Kelly:

I first had the privilege of meeting Bill Magee when the courts ordered mediation between my ex-husband and I in the winter of 2015. Even though the circumstances were less than desirable, I felt at home discussing the issues that were evident at the time. Bill Magee is a good listener and somehow had an inclination of what is being said, even if it had not been spoken. Bill Magee is a Christian lawyer, which is hard to find, and councils each person separately and together with an approach that blends honesty and experiences from his own marriage. He genuinely wants to help the couple work through their issues and is there for guidance even if the mediation process is over. I am very thankful to have Bill Magee as rock and a sounding board if I need him.

By Trey G.:

Suellen came recommended to me in 2008 by another friend in the legal community, and she has been my attorney ever since. She has not only been just the trusted professional at my side, but has quickly become a loved and valued friend. She and all of the staff at her firm have always and invariably been warm, kind, attentive, and speak with their clients on a first name basis. I highly recommend Suellen and her firm at Magee, Zeringue, and Richardson to anyone seeking legal assistance or counsel.

By Amy A.:

Never have I found a time that I needed Suellen and she wasn't available or didn't respond promptly. She has always went above and beyond for my family by fighting our legal battles and providing emotional assurance when we needed it. Suellen is truly an amazing person and attorney, I would recommend her and the services that she offers, with confidence that they are in excellent hands, to any and everyone who is willing to listen!!.

By Home Owners Association Client:

Bill, we all want to thank you for being there to support us at our general meeting. Your presence lent credibility to what we are trying to do, and your responses did even more. We have appreciated our relationship in the past and look forward to continuing it with you in the future.

By N.K. Defense Counsil:

This is a very effective argument. It don't look good!

By Wells R.:

Zara was an excellent help in resolving our legal matter. She used the proper leverage to bring about a successful negotiation – just how we like it!

By Jon A.:

I would definitely use Zara again if I needed her. She did an outstanding job for me and my children and I highly recommend anyone needing her services. She truly is a great attorney and works hard to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

By Kirk:

Zara, We are all doing well and your holiday wishes are greatly appreciated. I hope that 2014 continues to bring you the blessings that you deserve both personally and professionally. I will be forever thankful for you. It’s so funny how things work. Without the bad experience I had, I would have never met you. I am thankful for that! Have a Happy New Year!

By Laurel Crosby (Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional):

Zara will get the job done without being offensive to other persons including both opposing counsel and their clients. Her creative solutions often ended legal disputes and protected my company’s bottom line. She proved to be a valuable asset in representing my family business.

By Rachel P.:

Zara managed my involvement in a contentious probate matter professionally, compassionately and thoroughly.